On-Call Staffing – What is It and How Does It Benefit my Business?

The business world is moving at a very fast pace and in order to keep up, people have to adapt and move just as quickly. The professional climate fluctuates to a significant degree, and that has contributed to high employee attrition rates. Thus, on-call staffing comes into play.

What is On-Call Staffing?

On-call staffing (or temporary staffing) has been something a plethora of employers have been jumping on board within recent years. On-call staffing once had a negative connotation affixed to it for both the employer and the employee – Why can’t this company keep their employees or why do these employees just up and leave? – were some of the more common concerns. These were typical questions many had, but despite these stereotypes, on-call staffing poses many benefits for both employers as well as future and current employees. If you are looking to expand your Toronto based business and add some extra help to your team, on-call staffing can aid you!

The Benefits On-Call Staffing 

Is Cost Efficient As Compared to Other Conventional Options

Hiring a new employee for any role will cost a lot of money in the long run, there is no way around it. From a fixed, long-term payroll, to paid vacation days, to health benefits, hiring for a permanent role requires a lot of financial commitment. With on-call staffing, there are many cost factors that are eliminated such as paid vacation and various benefits. Due to the time frame allocated to on-call staff, the overall gross net of their compensation is greatly reduced when compared to someone in the same position working long-term.

On-call staff are typically experienced or possess the necessary skills required for the position. Due to this, there is a minimal amount of training required, thus, reducing training costs on top of the multitude of costs already being reduced.

Saves Tremendously On Hiring Time

On-call staffing is typically utilized for seasonal positions where the volume of customers is exponentially higher when compared to other times of the year. For accounting and finance sectors, tax season is a great example of ample volume in day-to-day traffic. During these times, extra help is certainly needed, but it can be stressful having to hire and train long-term workers throughout the rush. On-call staffing can significantly decrease the hiring process time and with our help, we can reduce that time even more! Of course, their skills and experience must be up to par regardless of their time at your company, however, it’s less time consuming to hire on-call staff, especially when they are only needed for a short period of time.

In correlation to training, on-call staff not only save you money but save you time as well. On-call staff typically take on lighter duties, aiding those who hold higher roles in the company. Should an on-call position require a certain set of higher skills, we can aid in finding someone who possesses said skills already. This will drastically reduce the time spent on training so you and your staff can focus more on business and business strategies.

Supports the Workload of Current Employees

Many employees feel the heat when it comes to high-volume seasons in their work field. For some, the stress can be detrimental, leading to lower production, overworking, and impacted customer service. High stress for long periods of time can also lead to high turnover rates which can greatly harm your business. On-call staffing provides the necessary support required during the busy seasons.

Rather than packing on an insurmountable workload to your current employees, you can allocate various tasks to your on-call staff. This alleviates a significant amount of stress and pressure from your current employees. The extra help allows them to get through the busiest times without burning out so they can consistently enjoy what they do and engage with the company always.

Offers You Greater Flexibility in Staffing Projects

When you work with an on-call employee, you have that much more elbow room to hire and let go of workers as you see fit. If the hired employee has fluctuating workloads depending on the season, you won’t have to keep them on the payroll when you don’t need them. Hire just for a specific task or project and part ways with your employee amicably when the workload eases up. This means you won’t have to put up with the legal encumbrances, expenses and traumas associated with laying off regular employees.

On-call staffing helps in so many areas of the workforce. Despite the negative connotation it has received in the past, many businesses are now turning to it as a great way to expand and aid their current team whilst simultaneously keeping their business and budget in mind.

At Controllers On Call, we can aid you in finding the best candidates for your temporary positions. We will look at all the candidates’ skills and experience to ensure we find you your ideal fit.

Looking to hire on-call accounting and finance staff in the Greater Toronto Area but don’t know where to start? Contact us today and we will help you find the ideal candidate for the job!

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